Sivasagar, the city which remained the capital of the great Ahom rulers who ruled Assam for almost 600 years. No other dynasty have ruled for such a long period. The city still stands proudly with all the palaces and architecture of the Ahoms. Though they cannot be compared to other monuments of India still this city holds it’s very own place in terms of architectural beauty. The Ranghar, which was built for the entertainment of the kings with their subjects during festivals still stands high in the land. The greatest secret passage, The Tolatol ghar is popular tourist site in Assam. The palace of the Kings the Karenghar is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Sivasagar. 

Not only the buildings, but the huge tanks or ponds built by the side of the temples make even many Assamese people remain in awe.

So who says travelling means travelling abroad. I love to travel and visiting Sivasagar was definitely a blessed experience for me.


The literary and cultural hub of Assam, Jorhat has been my home for the last 17 years. To speak the truth sometimes during some depressing times I felt like there are way better places then Jorhat. But it took only one trip to another city to again make me fall in love with this city all over again. Even if I travel the whole world (which is my dream) I will always return here with great enthusiasm. It is the truth that no place is better than home. Maybe there are more tourist sites in other cities of Assam, still Jorhat is not at all lagging behind.

The peace and tranquility of Nature is in abundance in this city. There will be greenery wherever you look. Those who love Nature will no doubt love this city. Though not a metropolitan city, Jorhat is no doubt a modernized city. It is not lagging behind in any aspect, be it tourism, education, technology or science. Jorhat has the highest literary rate in Assam which itself shows it’s prosperity. One can find people of all cultures and religion in this city which is a proof of Jorhat’s advancement and modernity. So one can surely say Jorhat is the heart of Assam.

My favourite destinations in North East India

1.Kaziranga National Park


Declared a UNESCO Heritage Site, Kaziranga National Park is the home to the one-horned Rhinos. Watching them while on a jeep safari with my family was definitely an unforgettable experience for me. Moreover the beautiful lakes and hundreds of migratory birds along with the other mammals specially the dear deer’s makes it a even better experience.

2. Gori Chen Peakimage

Situated near the Tibetan border, Gori Chen is the highest peak in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is the most famous trekking site in the North East. The landscape, the trek and the thrill was one of the best trekking experiences of my life.

3. Sela Pass.


A stunning place that it is, Sela Pass is also known as the gateway to Arunachal Pradesh. The presence of Sela Lake adds to the beauty of the place. The aesthetic splendor of the place, the beauty of Sela Pass is something I have never seen before.

4. Sikkim.

The most generously gifted place in Nature, Sikkim has many fascinating things in store for visitors. To say that Sikkim is stunning will be an understatement. But the most fascinating experience in Sikkim is the Yak Ride. Right !! Sitting on the Yak and feeling the cold mountainous breeze on my face was one of the best moments of my life.

5. Cherrapunjee


Cherrapunjee is popular for many things but more for it’s living root bridges. The bridges which are spread across the city are built through the roots of trees. They are a feat of human genius and nature’s magic. The thrill of walking in these bridges cannot be compared to anything else. Plus the beautiful waterfalls. Those 5 days in Cherrapunjee became the best time of that year for me.

6. Japfu Peak & Dzukou Valley
Japfu peak and Dzukou Valley was on top of my must visit places in North East. Camping among the green Slopes which stretch into the horizon is an experience of a lifetime. Located in the State of Nagaland, it is also called the Scotland of the East.. I got the chance to go there with my college buddies and I can vouch that watching the white clouds below from the peak was a blessed moment of my life.

So you see, I am lucky enough to share these thrilling and Awesome experiences with you without going very far from home. My love for Nature bloomed in full force with these experiences. I hope you do visit North East India and have your own memories to share.. 😍😍

Top 5 destinations in my Bucketlist

1. Paris


Paris, The city of love. There is no one who will not want to visit Paris. My first dream was to explore Paris to my hearts content. Though I do not have the opportunity to go there now, But one day I will definitely go there.

2. Singapore

My friend went to Singapore on a family trip some years back. When she showed me the photographs I fell in love with the place. I have a wish to have a first hand experience with the city.

3. Mauritious


I have soft corner for the beauty of Water ever since I was a kid. Beaches, Lakes, Waterfalls, every beauty of water gives me peace and a sense of fulfillment. The pictures of Mauritious in Internet took my breath away. One day I will be there enjoying the beauty of the Beaches.

4. Sydney


I recently read a blog about Sydney by Travel blogger. The beaches of Sydney and the Opera house are definitely must places to visit for someone who loves to travel, that includes also me!!

5. Bahamas


I have read in many articles about beautiful places to visit about Bahamas. It is said that Bahamas is one of the most beautiful honeymoon destination. It is my sincerest wish to visit Bahamas with the love of my life when he comes into my life..

So… This is my bucketlist of dream destinations. What’s yours??

The Majestic River !!


The majestic river of my homeland.
Whenever I see you;
you give me peace;
You encourage me to be calm.

You have been my friend for years,
You are my guide,my soul.
Wherever I go,
It will be you to whom I will return.

It was you that birthed my love for nature,
Your majestic presence drew my admiration.
My childish fascination turned to lifetime passion..
You, my friend will always remain my first love in every occasion..

You taught me to make my own path.
When I fell, your majestic power told me rise again.
You are my greatest teacher.
It was from you that I learnt
Nobody can control me, bind me.
Your power gave me strength.

My star isn’t some person..
My star is you.
You flowed for ages..
But still stand high.
You stand for life.
Coming from the rocky terrains.
You have still remained calm.

Your vastness makes me imagine.
Your power makes me dive,
Into the world of wonders
Gifted by the most patient mother,
Mine and everyone’s
Mother Nature..

I’m not a poet..
But I couldn’t restrain myself..
From giving you tribute.
For being present in my life always.
For guiding me through my journey.
For giving me a dream….
A dream to explore.
A dream to keep moving..
Which makes me live, laugh and enjoy.
Thank you O Mighty River!!!
May you rule forever…


The sky is endless. There is no limit to it. So is our dreams. There can be no limit to one’s dreams. Some say dreams are not real. Some say dreams are illusions. But is it not true that even the beautiful sky is an illusion?? I’m a not a scientist. For me still the sky is real. So are my dreams.


The endless sky gives us the licence to endless dreams. A great person once said, ” Everyone has a dream. Very few turn them to reality.” Dream big.. Make them the reality of your life. I’m not a philosopher. I’m just a ordinary girl with a big dream. Maybe today I’m caged. But one day I’ll be free. I’ll turn my dream to reality. Hope all of you will!!!!

Fly Away !!!!!!


I just feel so lonely. I have the perfect life ; Mom, Dad and my little sister. Still I cannot find my peace. I want to fly away but don’t know where. I want to be happy but don’t know how. My heart tells me to travel; to wander. Maybe then I can find my peace. But every time I want to fly, love for my family bind me back. There is no one who will listen; no one who will understand. I am not like others. I am the wind. I cannot stay. Who will free me??? I want to FLY AWAY.. I want to wander. I want to explore. Please release me from these chains. Please set me free!!